Mukilteo real estate is a micro market much like any area. How much homes are worth today vs how much they have declined since pre recession peak times literally can be different from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same community. What is selling today and not selling and why can leave a lot of homesellers scratching their heads and can have buyers throwing their hands in the air as why as they continue to read everywhere in the press that it is a buyers market only to see the perfect home receive multiple offers and sell in 3 days. How can this be even here in Mukilteo one of the top 10 most livable small towns in America. See the article at because only the best deals and or the best homes receive any offers let alone multiple offers. Sometimes the best deal is just a seller who has priced their home correctly for the current market and prepared it properly to be the best home in its price range and its condition. Bottom line, nice homes and the quality of life here in Mukilteo is very desirable good market or bad.