As part of the preparation in selling your Mukilteo home de-cluttering your home is a logical first step and the Great Mukilteo garage sale is just in time for the spring market.


Part 1 of 5: Why have a garage sale?

Mar 20, 2013

Spring has arrived, and with it comes thoughts of gardening, spring cleaning, vacation, l'amour and, of course, the 21st annual Great Mukilteo Garage Sale, this year slated for Saturday, April 27.

As in years past, The Beacon will run a special section listing sales being held in the greater Mukilteo area, including south Everett, Picnic Point and Serene Lake. Last year, bargain hunters found more than 100 sales from which to choose.

And again this year, in an effort to help sellers get ready, we're running a special series outlining the steps needed to stage a successful garage sale. We'll include hints on what sells, how to price items, joining forces with friends and neighbors, and set up and display ideas. Good luck. – Ed.

OK, so why bother? First and foremost – money. What better reason than that?

Well, there are a few more reasons to have one. If you aren't sure if you want to bother having your own, maybe one of these will decide you.


Running out of room for stuff? Or maybe you would love a new shelf, but that old chipped thing hanging on the wall is in the way?

Maybe you don't have the money for a new shelf, but you would if you sold that old chipped thing.

There is no better or more efficient way to clean out all the clutter in your life than a garage sale.

If you can't bear to throw things away, which can seem like such a waste, nothing motivates to get rid of junk than the promise of some money, which means new things.


It may sound strange to some of you, but many contacts can be made from having a garage sale.

One woman used to set up a stand at garage sales for her make-up business. She got a lot of home parties that way.

At another garage sale, a woman gave out notepads for free that had her husband’s rug cleaning business advertised on them.

This really can work. You can also find people to babysit for, clean house, house sit, do odd jobs, sell crafts to, and almost everything.


Real junk

Get rid of your garbage. How about that broken chair you would otherwise have to pay to have hauled away? Give it away for free.

There’s nothing better at a sale than free stuff. Maybe you think it's hopeless, but someone else may know exactly how to fix it.

Maybe they have the same chair with a different part broken. If you put the two together, you have a chair good as new.

This works, really, although sometimes the garbage people take away from a garage sale can surprise even the most experienced seller.

You have nothing to lose but a house full of items you no longer want, and the chance to put some cash into your pocket. What could be better?

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