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Mukilteo Real Estate Video

by Michael & Leilani McCormick-West

It has been a great Real Estate Market here in Mukilteo  this summer lots of brisk sales in all price ranges, inventory dropping to record low's at times, multiple offers, escalating prices too! now things seem to have calmed down a little, inventory has shot up about 35% in the last 60 days so some homes are sitting on the market a bit longer, while some get snatched up quickly. We will see what happens as the kids go back to school and the fall market sets in.

Please take a minute and watch our short video tour around Mukilteo by Michael West & Leilani McCormick -West your Mukilteo Real Estate Specialists!

Mukilteo Real Estate Market

by Michael & Leilani McCormick-West

The Mukilteo Real Estate market continues to be very strong with very few homes for sale and strong buyer demand in all price ranges.We are seeing multiple offers and escalation clauses on many homes, so yes the prices are going up and so are interest rates,in May we saw rates increase about 3/4 of a percent,if your thinking about buying or selling don't miss the market.

Mukilteo Garage Sale

by Michael & Leilani McCormick-West

As part of the preparation in selling your Mukilteo home de-cluttering your home is a logical first step and the Great Mukilteo garage sale is just in time for the spring market.


Part 1 of 5: Why have a garage sale?

Mar 20, 2013

Spring has arrived, and with it comes thoughts of gardening, spring cleaning, vacation, l'amour and, of course, the 21st annual Great Mukilteo Garage Sale, this year slated for Saturday, April 27.

As in years past, The Beacon will run a special section listing sales being held in the greater Mukilteo area, including south Everett, Picnic Point and Serene Lake. Last year, bargain hunters found more than 100 sales from which to choose.

And again this year, in an effort to help sellers get ready, we're running a special series outlining the steps needed to stage a successful garage sale. We'll include hints on what sells, how to price items, joining forces with friends and neighbors, and set up and display ideas. Good luck. – Ed.

OK, so why bother? First and foremost – money. What better reason than that?

Well, there are a few more reasons to have one. If you aren't sure if you want to bother having your own, maybe one of these will decide you.


Running out of room for stuff? Or maybe you would love a new shelf, but that old chipped thing hanging on the wall is in the way?

Maybe you don't have the money for a new shelf, but you would if you sold that old chipped thing.

There is no better or more efficient way to clean out all the clutter in your life than a garage sale.

If you can't bear to throw things away, which can seem like such a waste, nothing motivates to get rid of junk than the promise of some money, which means new things.


It may sound strange to some of you, but many contacts can be made from having a garage sale.

One woman used to set up a stand at garage sales for her make-up business. She got a lot of home parties that way.

At another garage sale, a woman gave out notepads for free that had her husband’s rug cleaning business advertised on them.

This really can work. You can also find people to babysit for, clean house, house sit, do odd jobs, sell crafts to, and almost everything.


Real junk

Get rid of your garbage. How about that broken chair you would otherwise have to pay to have hauled away? Give it away for free.

There’s nothing better at a sale than free stuff. Maybe you think it's hopeless, but someone else may know exactly how to fix it.

Maybe they have the same chair with a different part broken. If you put the two together, you have a chair good as new.

This works, really, although sometimes the garbage people take away from a garage sale can surprise even the most experienced seller.

You have nothing to lose but a house full of items you no longer want, and the chance to put some cash into your pocket. What could be better?

Mukilteo Beacon


If you are considering selling your Mukilteo home click here to get your  Mukilteo Home Value

5 reasons why you may not want to wait to list your home

by Michael & Leilani McCormick-West

5 Reasons You Should List Your Mukilteo House SOON!


Points About PointsMany Mukilteo homeowners are waiting until the Spring ‘buying season’ to list their homes for sale. Here are five reasons why that might not make sense this year:

1.) Demand Is High

Homes are selling at a pace not seen since 2007. The most recentExisting Home Sales Report by theNational Association of Realtors(NAR) showed that annual sales in 2012 increased 9.2% over 2011. There are buyers out there right now and they are serious about purchasing.

2.) Supply Is Low

The monthly supply of houses for sale is at its lowest point (4.4 months) since May of 2005. The current month’s supply is down 21.6% from the same time last year. Historically, inventory increases dramatically in the spring. Selling now when demand is high and supply is low may garner you your best price.

3.) New Construction Is Coming Back

Over the last several years, most homeowners selling their home did not have to compete with a new construction project around the block. As the market is recovering, more and more builders are jumping back in. These ‘shiny’ new homes will again become competition as they are an attractive alternative to many purchasers.

4.) Interest Rates Are Projected to Inch Up

The Mortgage Bankers’ Association has projected mortgage interest rates will inch up approximately one full point in 2013. Whether you are moving up or moving down, your housing expense will be more a year from now if a mortgage is necessary to purchase your next home.

5.) Timelines Will Be Shorter

The dramatic increase in transactions caused many challenges to the process of buying or selling a home in 2012. We waited for inspections, dealt with last minute appraisals and prayed that the bank didn’t ask for ‘just one more piece of paper’ before issuing a commitment on the mortgage. There are fewer transactions this time of year. That means that timetables on each component of the home buying process will be friendlier for those involved in transactions over the next 90 days.

These are five good reasons why you should consider listing your house today instead of waiting.



Mukilteo Real Estate Market Update

by Michael & Leilani McCormick-West

Mukilteo Home Prices On The Rise!

Existing-home sales were up 9.2 percent in 2012, according to a recent report by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). Existing-home sales, which include recently purchased single family, townhomes, condominiums, and co-ops reached 4.65 million units in 2012, the highest volume since 2007 when it reached 5.03 million units.

Existing Home Sales By Region

Demand remains strong despite a slight sales decrease in December, says NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun. "Record low mortgage interest rates clearly are helping many home buyers, but tight inventory and restrictive mortgage underwriting standards are limiting sales," he said. "The number of potential buyers who stayed on the sidelines accumulated during the recession, but they started entering the market early last year as their financial ability and confidence steadily grew, along with home prices. Likely job creation and household formation will continue to fuel that growth. Both sales and prices will again be higher in 2013."


Mukilteo Real Estate late winter Update

by Michael West & Leilani McCormick-West

Mukilteo real estate in 2013 is looking to be one of the best years in the last 5 years to be a home seller in Mukilteo as 2012 came to an end we enjoyed price increases across the city from 3-10% and 2013 is looking even better with very few homes on the market and high demand with still near record low interest rates buyer demand is high.

So if you are considering selling your Mukilteo home this year contact Michael West & Leilani McCormick-West  the #1 home selling team in Mukilteo for the last 3 years straight and get more for your home.

Mukilteo Real Estate Update

by Michael West & Leilani McCormick

Homes are selling in Mukilteo quickly and for  higher prices in some neighborhoods even the higher price range is seeing some brisk sales, some homes are going under contract in a few days after hitting the market. We still have more buyers than we have nice well cared for homes that are priced correctly for the market.If you are thinking about selling your Mukilteo home this might be one of the best times to list it for a quick sale with buyer demand up and low interest rates.

Mukilteo Real Estate Spring Update

by Michael West & Leilani McCormick

The early spring real estate market here in Mukilteo is really heating up with tons of buyers hitting the market with not enough homes to choose from, it really is a sellers market again big demand low interest rates and not enough nice homes to buy.It is going to be an interesting year for Mukilteo real estate.If you are considering selling your home this is one of the best times we have seen in the last 5 years with some homes going under contract in a week in some neighborhoods, you might want to explore your options.

Mukilteo Top 10 Best City to live in again for 2011

by Michael West & Leilani McCormick

Money magazine on Monday August 15th published its 2011 list of "100 best places to live in America," highlighting small towns across the country with populations of 50,000 or less. For the annual cover story, which hits stands on Aug. 19, Money looked for places with the optimal combination of job opportunities, fiscal strength, top-notch schools, safe streets, good health care, cultural and outdoor activities, and even nice weather.

Money's editors write, "With the current state of the economy -- and the dispiriting sight of the nation's leaders endlessly battling about how to fix it -- the phrase 'small town' conjures up images of a happier time. When unemployment wasn't above 9%. When people didn't stress out about home values. When school budgets weren't under siege. Those were the days, right?"

Here are Money's top 10 places to live in the United States:

1. Louisville, Colo.

2. Milton, Mass.

3. Solon, Ohio

4. Leesburg, Va.

5. Papillion, Neb.

6. Hanover, N.H.

7. Liberty, Mo.

8. Middleton, Wis.

9. Mukilteo, Wash.

10. Chanhassen, Minn.

Mukilteo Real Estate Summer Market

by Michael West & Leilani McCormick

Mukilteo home sellers, you have an excellent opportunity to sell your home this season, if you have the right pricing strategy in place from the start! Studies show that the longer a property stays on the market, the less the seller will net upon the sale. It is very important to price your property at a competitive market value for todays market not the 2007 market. Here in Mukilteo home values have dropped between 25% - 30% on average since the peak of the market in 2007. The market is so competitive that even over-pricing by a few thousand dollars could mean that your house will not sell.

An Overpriced Home:
· Minimizes offers
· Lowers agents response
· Limits qualified buyers
· Lowers showings
· Lowers prospects
· Limits financing
· Wastes valuable new on the market timing
· Nets less for the seller

When you are ready to sell your Mukilteo home, contact us for a personal market value analysis of your home. No hassles or obligation - just honest advice on how to get top dollar for your home from local professionals who know how to make your home sellable not just another listing sitting on the market all while maintaining 99%client satisfaction!

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