Why work with a Certified Home Buying Advisor?

Why work with a Certified Home Buying Advisor?


 As Certified Home Buying Advisors, Michael and Leilani have the unique expertise to ensure that your home buying process runs smoothly from the beginning to the close of escrow.

They know how to save you thousands of dollars on your total purchase price and still have equity in your home when you close escrow. There are 80+ variables comprising a real estate transaction. Michael and Leilani are specifically trained to know what the triggers are so any unforeseen issues are averted during the home buying process.

They pride themselves on securing the best deals for their buyers. Areas of Expertise Market Knowledge – Knowing where to find the best priced homes in your price range and future sales opportunities for those homes. Knowledge of Co-Op Agents – Knowing which agents are willing to work together to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion. Working with agents who have the hottest listings in your price range. Negotiation Strategy – Knowing the best price, terms and conditions that will give you the best deal while being accepted by the seller. Mortgage Options – Knowing the best mortgage lenders offering the best rates, terms and conditions that will save you money on your home loan.

Insider Deals – Knowledge of where to find the homes that are coming on the market before anyone else. MLS and Non-MLS Inventory – Knowing the best cross-section of homes within your price listed on the MLS as well as private sales. Smart Home Buying Strategy™ Home Buyer vs Emotional Buyer – Making sure that you get the home of your dreams while ensuring that it offers you the best financial profile for your situation. Buyer Profile – Ensures that your home-shopping time is spent looking at only the homes with the amenities and criteria specific to your needs, wants and desires. Lifestyle Neighborhood Profile – You get the best information and recommendations for finding the neighborhood that matches your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Higher Quality of Life Profile – Finding a home that will increase your quality of life without increasing the cost price of the home you buy. Out of Pocket/Down Payment Strategy – Helps you decide if you need to put more money down to get a better deal like buying down points by yourself or with seller assistance. This strategy help you get the best deal for yourself while saving money. Knowing that every cent counts,

The West team will help you maximize the value of your home-buying dollar by helping you make the best decisions for you and your family. Negotiation Strategy When it comes to negotiating the purchase of a home, Michael and Leilani make the process easy and financially rewarding for you. The home buyers needs and goals are always number one with us. As Certified Home Buying Advisors, we will negotiate the following to get you the best deal. 60-Days with No Payments – With a solid, easily implemented strategy, you can move into your home without making payments for the first 60 days.

Home Warranty – Save potentially thousands of dollars with one year’s worth of home protection on 16 major systems in your home. Seller Paid Closing Costs – Save you money with strategies to get the seller to pay your allowable closing costs. Repairs That Are Not Financed – Get the repair issues resolved in the least expensive manner without having to finance them over time. This means more money in your pocket. Walk-Away Leverage – Having the power to walk away gives you leverage in negotiations. Christopher, Michael and Leilani use their negotiations skills to get you more savings, better pricing and a great deal on your home.

They provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you have a highly skilled team protecting your interests. Closing the Sale Strategy As Certified Home Buying Advisors, The West team will give you a true team effort at the highest level. As result, you can expect a higher level of service, better accountability and a smoother transaction. In their suite of services, you can expect the following. Timely Handling of Paperwork – Assurance that your paperwork gets to the right people on time, every time and that it is handled properly. Closing and Settlement Preparation – Our closing coordinator works with all parties involved to make sure you have a smooth closing. Avoidance of Potential Deal Killers – Our dedicated team of professionals make sure potential deal killers are identified and resolved before they are able to occur. Negotiation of Repairs – Working with specialists behind the scenes to get great results for you on your home inspection. Adherence to a Property Timeline – Working closely with all team members ensures that every step is taken in a timely manner.

Michael and Leilani West are highly skilled and trained professionals who take the risk out of buying a home and guarantee that you’ll get the home you want no matter what the current market conditions are. To experience home buying at the highest level with the BEST outcome contact us for a no obligation consultation!

Michael and Leilani West are highly skilled and trained professionals who take the risk out of buying a home and will help you get the home you want no matter what the current market conditions are.

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